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Turnaround Strategies

For Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Are you looking to ensure that your business returns to profitability? Do you need a plan to turn your business around?

 What is a business turnaround?

A turnaround means that a business is operating according to a plan which will ensure its financial recovery by returning the business to a position of profitability.

 What is a business turnaround plan?

A plan to turnaround a business includes addressing the financial, operational and sales challenges that led a business to a position where it is no longer profitable and cannot meet its obligations.

 Why does a business need a turnaround plan?

If a business intends on meeting its obligations, a turnaround plan is needed that can be used by owners, management, creditors and any other party that the business needs to communicate with.

 What are the basic business turnaround steps?

Generally speaking, the basic business turnaround steps include:

  • Identifying what goal(s) the business needs to meet
  • Understanding why the business can no longer meets its obligations
  • Exploring opportunities to increase or stablize revenue
  • Reviewing and reducing costs and expenses
  • Creating and executing on strategies that ensures the business meets its goals

 What is the best business turnaround strategy?

The best business turnaround strategy includes being able to return the business to a position of profitability as quickly as possible while maintaining the integrity of its brand, its relationships with customers and emerging as a more valuable business after the turnaround is complete.

Fix Your Business

Our approach to helping entrepreneurs turnaround their business is to provide them with the tools and resources they need to ensure their business returns to profitability.

Once an entrepreneur has completed our Fix Your Business online course, our team is available to help them establish a plan for their business using our Business Turnaround Plan that is based on the debts and obligations of both secured and unsecured creditors. Included in the Business Turnaround Plan is a cash flow projection that details how each creditor will be repaid. The plan is meant to be used by an entrepreneur to interact with a trustee, group of creditors or a single creditor, like a bank or lender, that needs to see a comprehensive plan for the repayment of debts and obligations.

It's not about letting your business fail. It's about letting your business succeed.

You need someone in your corner helping you navigate the challenges that come along with creditors, lawyers and a balance sheet that isn't balanced. Trying to run your business while dealing with difficult circumstances can be time consuming, frustrating and stressful if you are reacting and not taking control of the outcome you want. Our expertise and experience can be used to help get your business to where it needs to be. Profitable.

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Take our Free Bankruptcy Test!

Test your bankruptcy vulnerability with our quick and easy test.

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