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Turn your business around today.

Business Bankruptcy Test
How close is your business to bankruptcy?
Find out now with this quick and easy test.

Free. Confidential. No personal information required.

Business Bankruptcy Test
How close is your business to bankruptcy? Find out now with this quick and easy test.

Free. Confidential. No personal information required.


Fix Your Business

Our Fix Your Business program is a one-stop solution for a business that is experiencing financial challenges.

This program is designed for business owners that need practical action steps they can implement immediately to respond to creditors and other financial challenges.

The goal of this program is to build a business turnaround strategy that a business can use to return their business to profitability.


$2.5k /m for 4 months
Money Back Guarantee

What’s included in Fix Your Business?

Our Fix Your Business program is everything you need to take your business from the challenges it is facing now to opportunities that you never thought were possible.

Designed to be referred to often, our 90 minutes “Fix Your Business” course will provide you with more than 25 ways that you can get to work fixing your business. A great primer to understand the concepts our team will be helping you and your business with.

Profit margin analysis

Fixing any business begins with understanding how it makes money. We will work with you to help you understand how much profit your business should be making versus how much it is making. Your profit margin is what allows your business to pay down debt, purchase equipment and inventory as well as address the financial challenges your business may be having. Knowing what your profit margin should be will provide you with insights into where the operations of your business need to be improved.

Cash flow analysis

You need to know where the money in your business goes. It can be hard to make a plan for turning your business around if you don’t know how your business makes money and how it spends money.

Budget analysis / repair

Just because your business has been paying expenses doesn’t necessarily mean that every expense is necessary. By working backwards from your profit margin and cash flow, we will help you build a budget that is right sized for your business.

Revenue targets

Paying off debts and dealing with other financial challenges such as the government and other creditors requires profit. In order to generate profit your business needs to be able to generate revenue. Knowing how much revenue your business requires allows you to get some insights into the sales and marketing efforts your business needs to focus on.

3-year cash flow projection

After working through the revenue targets for your business, we will help you use all of the information you have, including your profit margin and adjusted budget, to prepare a 3-year cash flow projection for your business. This will show you how much cash your business will have to work with over a 36-month period of time.

Debt repayment steps

By having a sound foundation to work from, you will be in a position to determine the best strategy for repaying your debts and building equity in your business.

Balance Sheet clean-up

What does your business own and what does it owe? As you work through the assets, liability and equity details of your business you will need some direction on how to simplify your balance sheet.

Profit and Loss clean-up

What does your business earn and what does your business spend? As you work through your budget, income and expenses you will need some direction on how to simplify your profit and loss statement.

How the Fix Your Business Program Works

These are the steps we follow to help you fix your business.

1. Welcome Call

You will meet your business advisor, who will be your main point of contact throughout all aspects of the process. They will guide you through the work to be done and will be available to answer any questions you have.

2. Business Review

From the information gathered on the welcome call we will prepare a list of questions that will get you thinking about your business from a different perspective. Our goal is to help you see your business in a practical way that will help you make better decisions about what needs to be done and how to do it.

3. Financial Statement Review

For two hours each month your business advisor will use your financial statements as the baseline for your in-person workshop. You will learn and discover how your financial statements can be used to uncover opportunities and how they can provide direction on where to focus.

4. Profit Margin Analysis

How does your business make money? You will discover the levers that you can push and pull to change how much money ends up on your bottom line.

5. Budget Analysis

Does your business spend money in a way that is getting the best result? Are your costs in alignment with your sales? This can be an eye-opening moment for many business owners that somehow know their costs are out of line but don’t know why. Now you will.

6. Revenue Analysis

Where do your sales come from? Are they predictable? Are they stable? Is your business a market leader or a leader in a niche? We will make sure you understand how to maximize your revenue and how to position your business in the market.

7. Cash flow Analysis

Where does the money go in your business? Your business earns revenue, pays its expenses and then what happens to the rest? If your business is not profitable you are increasing your liabilities instead of your assets and equity. You will discover how money moves through your business so you can direct it to get the results you need.

8. 3-year projection

While many business plans sit on the shelf a, 3-year projection is best simplest tool you can use to get a high-level understanding of how you need to lead your business and team. Projections will help you reach your goals even if they need to be adjusted.

9. Develop a weekly and monthly routine

The best way to ensure your success is to build weekly and monthly routines that you and your team can use to ensure you are on track and getting closer to your goals and objectives. We will work with you to create feedbacks loops for your business.

10. You're off and running!

We will part company and wish each other well knowing full well that we will connect again soon.

Who should use Fix Your Business?

Who Should?

  • Business owners that want help
  • Business owners that want change
  • Business owners who are willing to invest the time and money necessary to turn their business around

Who Should Not

  • Business owners that can do it themselves
  • Business owners that don’t have time to invest in changing their business
  • Business owners who are looking for quick, easy solutions but are not prepared to pay for them

Frequently Asked Questions

Business coaching is a great tool and resource for business owners to take advantage of. While broad in nature, business coaching is a longer-term investment that is designed to produce longer term outcomes. The Fix Your Business program is meant to triage or be used to quickly solve the problems you are having in your business. The solutions are practical and easy to understand are a designed to get you back in control and back on track as fast as possible.

Generally speaking, the basic business turnaround steps include:

  • Identifying what goal(s) the business needs to meet
  • Understanding why the business can no longer meets its obligations
  • Exploring opportunities to increase or stabilize revenue
  • Reviewing and reducing costs and expenses
  • Creating and executing on strategies that ensures the business meets its goals

The results are driven by how quickly you and your team can do the work to implement the changes needed. Some entrepreneurs work very quickly to do this based on their circumstances and other entrepreneurs look to work with their teams to get this done. We like to use one (1) business quarter plus an additional month for you to have seen an entire shift happen in your business as measured by your financial statements. You will see results outside of your financial statements within a few days of working on the solutions this program will introduce you to.

If a business intends on meeting its obligations, a turnaround plan is needed that can be used by owners, management, creditors and any other party that the business needs to communicate with.

The first realization you have will be frustration and stress as we work through the problems and get to the bottom of what needs to change. The next realization will be confidence and excitement as you see that turning your business around is not a far-out goal but rather an immediate opportunity. After that, you’ll constantly be asking yourself how you ever ran your business without knowing what you have learned through the program.

It's time to fix your business.

If you are serious about turning your business around, let’s talk.

We’ll discuss your business, its challenges and its opportunities and help you understand the next best steps.


$2.5k /m for 4 months
Money Back Guarantee
Business Bankruptcy Test
How close is your business to bankruptcy?
Find out now with this quick and easy test.

Free. Confidential. No personal information required.

Business Bankruptcy Test
How close is your business to bankruptcy?
Find out now with this quick and easy test.

Free. Confidential. No personal information required.