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Growing Small & Medium Sized

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Growth Strategies

For Small and Medium Sized Businesses

How will you grow your business? You have worked hard to get your business to where it is now, but how will you get it to the next stage?

 What is a business growth strategy?

A business looking to grow will create a plan that details how it will increase its profits and value. A growth strategy includes objectives that a business will undertake meet to reach its goals.

 What are the stages of growth for a business?

There are a few stages that a business will move through as it looks to grow including:

  • Exploring new opportunities for the business to pursue
  • Developing a growth strategy
  • Executing on the growth strategy objectives
  • Adjusting the growth strategy based on results
  • Achieving the goal(s)

 What is the best strategy for growing a business?

The best strategy for growing a business is to leverage the existing skillset and resources a business currently uses to generate profit, into new opportunities. A business grows by finding new opportunities to generate revenue at the lowest cost possible which happens by leveraging the skills and resources that a business has.

 What are the challenges of growing a business?

Being able to grow a business requires a plan and some of the challenges can include:

  • Finding people that can join your team and improve your business
  • Access to financing and money
  • Changing or upgrading internal systems and processes
  • Staying focused

Business Valuation

We focus on two aspects of your business to identify growth opportunities: people and capital. What does your organizational chart look like from a financial perspective? Is your business optimized for profit based on maximizing the skills and experience of your team? Growing a business means efficiently leveraging the people and resources in your business.

We believe that a business valuation is one of the best tools available to understand where a business is today and where it could be tomorrow. The hardest part of turning around a business is executing on strategies that will drive exceptional results. Without knowing the problems in your business or business model, you will not be able to create the strategies needed. We believe a business valuation will show you the math that will highlight the obvious strategies you need to execute on.

We believe creativity is the key to unlocking profitability. We believe focusing on being the leader in your marketplace or market niche is the key to building a profitable and valuable business. We believe the people in your business can provide creativity and using capital wisely can provide profitability. How well is your business managing people and capital?

It's not about doing more with less. It's about doing less to get more.

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to start when you want your business to grow. Sometimes you need a new perspective to help you think through the problems or opportunities your business is facing. Our "people and capital" approach is designed to walk you through the financial, operational and sales aspects of your business, so you can see how they should be working together to get your business to the next level.

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