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Increase your profits today.

Business Growth Checklist
How quickly can your business grow?
Find out now with this quick and easy test.

Free. Confidential. No personal information required.

Business Growth Checklist
How quickly can your business grow? Find out now with this quick and easy test.

Free. Confidential. No personal information required.


Grow Your Business

Our Grow Your Business program is the premier business growth program.

This program is designed for business owners that want to grow their business by increasing their profits and overall value.

The goal of this program is to grow a business intentionally and on a solid foundation to ensure the best results possible.


$4,375 /m for 8 months
Money Back Guarantee

What’s included in Grow Your Business?

Our Grow Your Business program is everything you need to take your business from where it is now to where you want it to be using a widely accepted business valuation baseline.

Business valuation

Do you know what your business is worth right now? Using an earnings-based approach we will create a baseline for your business from which all of the work we do together will be measured. Our goal is to increase the profitability of your business which will increase the value of your business. We prove it using a business valuation and each month measure the results against the baseline valuation so you can see the changes and the impact they are having.

Business model analysis

Your business provides a product or service to the marketplace, but do you know the problem(s) your business is solving? Do you know what your customers are prepared to pay for the same solution from other businesses? We will break down your business model to find opportunities which typically uncovers areas in your financial, operations, sales and marketing departments that need improvement.

Profit margin analysis

Growing any business begins with understanding how it makes money. We will work with you to help you understand how much profit your business should be making versus how much it is making. Your profit margin is what allows your business to pay down debt, purchase equipment and inventory as well as address the financial challenges your business may be having. Knowing what your profit margin should be will provide you with insights into where the operations of your business need to be improved.

Financial statements review

You need to know where the money in your business goes. It can be difficult to grow a business that doesn’t know how it makes money and how it spends money.

Tailored revenue strategies

Is your business maximizing its people and resources? Is your business solving the most valuable problems that the market has for the products or services you offer? Revenue strategies are important to have if you are looking to expand your revenue base and set your business up for future opportunities.

Customer experience path

Without customers your business has no reason to exist. Have you ever considered how your customers interact with your products and services compared to how you want them to interact with your products and services? People pay disproportionately for value. Value is a function of the experience people have when they interact with your business. We want to make sure your customers have the best experience possible by helping you build a customer experience path that details how your customer first hears about you all the way through to their lifetime value.

Operations process review

Does your business have a system that manages the product or service your business offers? Does tie into your financial system? Does it tie into your sales and marketing systems? Taking a holistic approach, we will use your customer experience path to line up your operational systems to help your business maximize the technology that is available to help your team do the best job they can. Everything needs to work together to get the best results possible.

Organization chart analysis

Are the right people doing the right jobs? Does your business have too many people or too few? We will help you design an organizational chart that will accommodate where your business is now and will accommodate what it needs to be as your business grows.

Capital / financing plan

How will your business pay for its growth? Few businesses can grow using free cash flow and need some form of leverage. This can include debt or equity and we will help you and your team develop a plan for ensuring your business has access to the capital it needs to reach its goals.

How the Fund Your Business Program Works

These are the steps we follow to help you grow your business:

1. Welcome Call

You will meet your business advisor, who will be your main point of contact throughout all aspects of the process. They will guide you through the work to be done and will be available to answer any questions you have.

2. Business Review

From the information gathered on the welcome call we will prepare a list of questions that will get you thinking about your business from a different perspective. Our goal is to help you see your business in a practical way that will help you make better decisions about what needs to be done and how to do it.

3. Business Valuation

Using your most recent financial statements, a business valuation will be prepared for your business that is based on several widely accepted accounting measurements. This initial business valuation will serve as the baseline for all of the work that gets completed through this program. During this step, we will work with you and your team to help you understand the immediate changes needed to get your business on stable ground and the long-term goals that will result in your business being profitable and valuable as you want it. Having a single point of reference will help you see the changes being made and where focus needs to be given as your business moves along.

4. Profit Margin Analysis

How does your business make money? We are going to spend some with you and your team to discover the levers that you can push and pull to change how much money ends up on your bottom line.

5. Customer experience path

The opportunity to grow a business is directly related to how well it can map out its expectations for its customers and the team that will be serving them. By building a customer experience path you will see where your business needs to adjust its organizational roles to ensure that customers are being served and value is being maximized. The customer experience path will touch every aspect of your business and can be where the most work happens. We want to make sure your business knows how to attract a customer, serve them and continue to have a relationship with them for the most best result possible.

6. Revenue Analysis

What is going to be the catalyst for your growth? Will you increase the offering of existing products and services to new customers or find new products and services to offer existing customers? Should your business do both? We will make sure you understand how to maximize your value proposition and how to position your business in the market for growth.

7. Cash flow Analysis

Where does the money go in your business? Your business earns revenue, pays its expenses and then what happens to the rest? Growing your business means you need to know how to use your profits effectively and efficiently. You will discover how money moves through your business so you can direct it to get the results you need.

8. 90-Day Action Plans

Using a 90-Day Plan template, we will help you and your team build out a strategy for tackling and executing on the tasks that need to be done to get your business growing and moving in the direction you have set. Our 90-Day Plan, you and your team will begin changing how they work, what they focus on the results they are getting.

9. Develop a weekly and monthly routine

The best way to ensure your success is to build weekly and monthly routines that you and your team can use to ensure you are on track and getting closer to your goals and objectives. We will work with you to create feedbacks loops for your business.

10. You're off and running!

We will part company and wish each other well knowing full well that we will connect again soon.

Who should use Grow Your Business?

Who Should?

  • Business owners that want to increase the profits and value of their business
  • Business owners that have a capable team and want help and direction
  • Business owners who are willing to invest the time and money necessary to grow their business

Who Should Not

  • Business owners that can do it themselves
  • Business owners that don’t have time to lead their team in getting the required work done
  • Business owners who are looking for quick, easy solutions but are not prepared to pay for them

Frequently Asked Questions

Business coaching is a great tool and resource for business owners to take advantage of. While broad in nature, business coaching is a longer-term investment that is designed to produce longer term outcomes. The Grow Your Business program is meant to provide specific and targeted solutions that will increase the profits and value of your business. The solutions are practical and easy to understand are a designed to get you the best results possible.

Generally speaking, the basic business growth steps include:

  • Completing a business valuation to establish a baseline
  • Analyzing the business model and determining it potential
  • Reviewing the financial components of the business to understand the growth variables
  • Stress testing the operations, sales and marketing components of the business
  • Developing strategies for achieving growth targets

The results are driven by how quickly you and your team can do the work to implement the strategies and tactics developed. Some entrepreneurs work very quickly to do this based on their circumstances and other entrepreneurs look to work with their teams to get this done. We like to use two (2) business quarters plus an additional two (2) month for you to have seen an entire shift happen in your business as measured by the business valuation that was created before our work began. You will see results immediately as you begin to examine and go through the components of your business and discover opportunities you didn’t know you had.

If a business intends on increasing its profitability and value, it needs a plan to do so. A well-designed plan provides benchmarks and feedback loops so that you know where to focus your efforts and the efforts of your team to get the best results possible.

Within one month of financial results it will be very obvious that your business is positioned for growth. It will be excited for you to see all of the areas that your business needs to strengthen in order to have a foundation to build upon. There will be no shortage of opportunities to work on and being able to prioritize them in an intentional way will help you stay focused so that with passing month you can track and monitor the progress of what you and your team are doing.

It's time to grow your business.

If you are serious about growing your business, let’s talk.

We’ll discuss your business, where it is now and where you would like it to be and what the next best steps are.


$4,375 /m for 8 months
Money Back Guarantee
Business Growth Checklist
How quickly can your business grow?
Find out now with this quick and easy test.

Free. Confidential. No personal information required.

Business Growth Checklist
How quickly can your business grow? Find out now with this quick and easy test.

Free. Confidential. No personal information required.