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Dylan Gallagher


We are Bridge Capital and we help entrepreneurs fix, fund and grow their companies.

Dylan Gallagher



Why Bridge Capital?

Bringing people and opportunity together

You didn’t start your business because you were a business expert. You started your business because you saw an opportunity and wanted to take advantage of it. Entrepreneur and business owner have a different reason for wanting to start, run and grow a business, but their needs are always the same. You need access to ideas, experience, know-how from people that want to help. We are those people.

Simple, Easy and Creative

Running a business takes a lot of effort and focus. You want honest feedback and actionable information. We can provide that. We don’t waste your time with questionnaires, information gathering sessions and template worksheets. We dive in by creating a baseline for your business through our unique Business Valuation tool that will identify where your business needs help. We believe that financial metrics are the way a business keeps score, but the real work happens within the Sales and Operations of a business. We believe that technology can help your business increase it productivity while your people should be used to help your business increase its creativity. We believe that creativity equals profitability and we are probably some of the most creative people you will meet.

Why a Business Valuation?

We believe that businesses should be financially valuable and all of the work we do is meant to help your business increase its profits which increases its value. Using widely accepted business metrics we create a revenue-based valuation that serves as the measurement for the 90 Day Action Plan we build for your business. We use 90 Day Actions Plans that are designed to be measurable and easily manageable for the areas of your business that impact value.

Money Back Guarantee

You work hard to manage your costs and we want to make sure that you are confident you are spending your money wisely.

One-Of-A-Kind Offer

Our consulting fees are guaranteed to never exceed 5% of your company’s annual gross revenue. If we are unable to help your business cover the cost of our services, we will provide you a full refund – no questions asked. We take our work seriously and are committed to every business we work with. We stand behind our work and want to see your business not only cover the cost of our services but leverage our knowledge and experience to do more.

How Can You Guarantee Your Results?

The reason we provide a money-back guarantee is because we know that you want to see your business succeed and will do the work that needs to be done in the unique 90 Day Action Plan we agreed to for your business. We align our interests with yours to make sure the best result is achieved.