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We are Bridge Capital and we help entrepreneurs fix, fund and grow their business.

Why Bridge Capital?

Bringing people and opportunity together

You didn’t start your business because you were a business expert. You started your business because you saw an opportunity and wanted to take advantage of it. Entrepreneurs and business owners have different reasons for wanting to start, run and grow a business, but their needs are always the same. You need access to ideas, experience, knowledge and capital from people that want to help. We are those people.


Running a business takes a lot of effort and focus. You want honest and actionable information. We focus on creating content that entrepreneurs can use to make a difference in their business today. We create content to help entrepreneurs fix, fund and grow their businesses.


Entrepreneurs have access to so many different services, tools and solutions that can help them do more with less. We focus on creating innovative technology solutions that can be used by entrepreneurs to achieve extraordinary results. We believe there is a significant opportunity to help entrepreneurs understand their businesses in new ways by showing them their data from a new perspective and using their data in new ways.


We work directly with entrepreneurs that want to fix, fund or grow their business. Using decades of experience and knowledge, our goal is to help an entrepreneur increase the profitability and value of their business by approaching their problems and challenges with enormous amounts of creativity and results.