It's about people
& opportunity.

 Our Philosophy

Since 2001, Bridge Capital has been helping entrepreneurs succeed. Our holistic approach extends beyond our roots in financing and well into finance, operations, and marketing. We at Bridge Capital work with all aspects of a business to ensure great workplaces are created and the highest level of profit and value is achieved.

Whether we are building technology solutions, reorganizing cash flow or working with entrepreneurs and their teams to execute healthy exit strategies, our vision remains the same;

To bring people and opportunity together, by helping entrepreneurs leverage their existing resources, while creating a more productive, profitable, and meaningful workplace.

 Our Portfolio







Bridge Capital manages and operates companies serving the construction, technology and transportation markets.


Turning our vision into impact is important to us

20 +

Years in business

Proudly serving small business since 2001

50 +

People employed

People currently employed at Bridge Capital run businesses

2,000 +

Customers & Suppliers

Customers and suppliers relationships managed by Bridge Capital run businesses

 Our Process

Bridge Capital looks to work with entrepreneurs who:

  • Would like to exit their business but do not have a succession plan
  • Are involved in specialized trades and/or businesses that employ a labour force
  • Have an opportunity to leverage technology but do not know how
  • Would like to get the maximum payout for their business

How we work:

  • Agreement to purchase your business at the best sale price on the market
  • Daily involvement of aspects of the business
  • Implement technology and improve productivity
  • Increase cash flow while reducing debt/liabilities
  • Execute a successful and profitable exit strategy for the entrepreneur

If you are looking to sell your business and fit the criteria we are looking for, let's chat.

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Dylan Gallagher

Dylan Gallagher

Dylan Gallagher is an entrepreneur's entrepreneur and founder of Bridge Capital, an investment and business advisory firm focused on helping entrepreneurs fix, fund and grow their business. With decades of lending and investing experience that began in real estate construction and development, Dylan has been helping entrepreneurs solve problems and take advantage of opportunities. Specializing in difficult and challenging circumstances, Dylan is able to help entrepreneurs capitalize on time-sensitive and complex situations that require creativity.


Lisa Gallagher

Lisa Gallagher

With a background in marketing, Lisa has been working with Bridge Capital since its inception. Having served and worked with numerous not-for-profit organizations, Lisa ensures Bridge Capital is making meaningful community impact.