How Can We Help Your Business?


Who do you turn to when you need practical advice that is specific to your business? A business will experience different challenges and opportunities at each stage of its growth. Get the specific advice you are looking for today.


Borrowing money means your business is taking its future cash flow today in hopes of being able to produce a better result compared to not borrowing money. So what does this look like for your business and how can you ensure the best result?


How would an investment in your business be used as a catalyst for growth or fix a problem? Would an investment propel your business to a new level? Get access to capital and resources that can help your business do more.

Dylan Gallagher

Dylan Gallagher, Founder

Having founded Bridge Capital in 2001, Dylan has helped many companies that have needed financial, operational or strategic direction. With more than two decades of experience, Dylan continues to seek out buisnesses that need help solving problems or taking advantage of opportunities.

With specific expertise in business turnarounds, creditor and bankruptcy options, finance and technology, Dylan is able to quickly fill a variety of internal roles to help a company improve their profitability and valuation. Dylan takes an active role in the businesses he invests in and looks to form long-term relationships with owners and investors alike.

Dylan is passionate about helping businesses do more.